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Would you like to shrug off your workday stress, increase your energy, and improve your fitness level so you can really enjoy life and the activities you love? Battles’ Training exercise routines are fun and done without a gym.

Boost your energy, improve your overall health, and have fun!

Our Mission

Promote a healthy lifestyle utilizing the outdoors with a certified trainer who facilitates success and drive to meet your personalized goals.

Sign up for a free fitness consultation to see how Chris can help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner, trying to lose weight, looking to tone up, an off-season athlete, or just tired of the same gym routine. Chris can set up a fun and challenging personalized fitness and nutrition program for you.


“Chris brings it all to the table when training a client. Not only does he provide motivational instruction for his work outs, he ensures proper form and the reasons behind it, making his sessions valuable long after they finish.”

“Chris’ encouragement and positive yet determined attitude will eventually turn any clients into friends.”

– Evan, client

“Chris Battles is a great trainer. I have worked with him for over a year. I am a softball player so my main focus was on speed and agility. He made me work hard but always kept the workouts fresh and interesting. I definitely see a difference in the level of my game.”

– Sarah, client